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The place of Australia has blown my head and created me truly feel really uneasy the previous couple of days. I have a extremely terrible feeling that a little something Unusual has transpired for the place. The Australia I understand from looking at maps all over my daily life (I’ve always been keen on maps and bought a massive specific atlas a few years again) really should be Substantially additional south and surrounded by ocean without land remotely near In particular not Papua New Guinea or Indonesia.

I informed my partner relating to this site and discussed the phenomenon to him this early morning. I questioned him a few questions about a few of the popular alternate Recollections (being cautious not to guide), and he’s acquired a few.

A pal of mine asked me with regard to the BerenstEin Bears a couple of days back (it turned out that he’s an “E”, as well). This “A” point is completely Erroneous over a purely visceral amount (and for the standard reasons of recognizing how to read by German phonetic rules).

(I’m also being careful During this dialogue, owning needed to edit or outright delete your other “you’re just bewildered” reviews. This can be

Buddies was always one among my favored shows, so I went back again and watched the pilot. The thriller island is there, west of Australia ,for the whole episode. I found some other intriguing matters within the pilot that might give it some context.

The workforce travels to Salvation, South Dakota in 1871 to hide out in the Hunters. Although Rip decides their next shift, the remainder of the team goes into city, where they meet Jonah Hex, who is aware of These are time tourists and at the time fought together with Rip in a long time earlier. Kendra gets flashbacks from certainly one of her preceding life and goes to investigate, while Ray and the remainder of the staff head back again to city to protect towards the Jeb Stillwater gang. Kendra and Sara Stick to the former's visions to an aged female, who turns out for being the Kendra from that period of time.

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I don’t think that is a conspiracy, or that any single particular person or group are carrying out this to us. I do think it’s one thing rather regimen, but many people who recognize the alterations decide they “just forgot” anything or misremembered it.

Hi fiona, This might or might not be suitable but The complete of oceania area from johnston atoll to australia,has become the most abused area for wmd tests of all kinds;nuclear,chemical,biological,by all of the western Tremendous powers,britain france us,the longitude of johnston lies much like australia’s at 139 levels,the checks had been performed for about 50 yrs from 1946 to 1996.

I’m quite particular it was “Mirror Mirror on the wall”. I purchase most of the well-known misremembered movie offers, the corrected offers sound accurate when I hear them. “Play it once again, Sam” hardly ever transpired, and many others. But my Mind refuses to feel it wasn't “Mirror, mirror”.

Savage attempts to govern a few of the group members, making it possible for him to flee his mobile. Equally as Savage is going to get rid of Kendra, Scythian regains his Reminiscences as Carter and saves her, but is stabbed by Savage prior to Kendra knocks the latter unconscious. The crew arrives for the Vanishing Issue, where by time Masters expose that they are already working with Savage, that's to be despatched back to 2166 to carry on together with his program though Rip and his crew are set underneath arrest.

All past globes and maps reflect our existing timeline. So it wouldn’t contradict our current “reality” …

Good issue, Dakota! Generally, I use old maps to attempt to determine the place Some mismatched Strategies originate from. I continue to keep looking for old maps Which may are already in someone’s house (or an old schoolbook) and mistakenly utilized like a reference. (My 1st tack when working with something which could

Even though as I have said, I’m not a geography pro by any signifies, that “blob” to the globe in the movie certain looks like it’s purported to be considered a land mass to me. Strangely, I thought there WAS a little something into the west of Australia. I feel check here I mentioned in my long most on the main Reminiscences -inbound links that it was only some weeks back that I looked at the world in my Computer system area – examining for a thing about Australia or Indonesia Once i observed The location of New Zealand and had the eeriest experience that it wasn’t where by I assumed it should be.

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